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Cristina Babiloni was born in Castellón de la Plana on April 16, 1981, of French descent on her mother’s side, has been linked to French culture since childhood.

Her passion for drawing and painting began as soon as she can remember, since it has always been the medium with which she has expressed her emotions, feelings and has enjoyed her inner world.

She develops her professional career as a psychologist and painting is a constant in her life. The light of the Mediterranean and its connection with the mountains that surround her environment, is a big part of her motivation.

Babiloni values and extols nature in its purest form in her work. For the artist, working with the different materials that make up the artistic piece implies a disconnection from the world, as well as meditation and a feeling of freedom. She uses a wide chromatic range in her works. The color balances generate enveloping movements that together with the mastery of the material, using various recycled materials, allows the viewer to enter deeply into the natural space, where feelings of calm and serenity incite introspection and at the same time feel what we are, NATURE. We need her and she needs us because we are all connected to her, we are part of her and her natural cycle.

That feeling and sensation is the objective that his work transmits, since what he intends to evoke in the viewer is to feel part of it.